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Moving to British Virgin Islands

Updated on Tuesday 28th September 2021

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Moving to British Virgin Islands.jpgMoving to British Virgin Islands is a multi-step process that starts with meeting the general entry requirement, depending on your nationality.
Read below to find out more about the conditions and reach out to our local BVI company formation agents if you are interested in opening a business here.

What are the conditions to relocate to BVI for companies?

The British Virgin Islands are an attractive location to base an offshore business, given the fact that this business form is not subject to taxes on corporate profits (no corporate income tax, dividend tax, or capital gains tax for the International Business Company - IBC).
Investors who wish to open a company here and offer international services can opt for moving to British Virgin Islands with an existing company (relocate their company), as well as relocate here themselves for an extended period with the appropriate permit.
Reach out to our company formation agents in BVI for more information about redomiciliation or the general offshore company formation process.

What are the conditions to move to BVI for individuals?

A foreign national who wishes to enter the British Virgin Islands needs to obtain a visa to enter the Islands. Although this document is not required for all foreign nationals, nationals from the following countries need to apply: Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Cambodia, China (except Hong Kong), Columbia, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Jamaica, Korea (North), Libya, Pakistan, Philippines, Russian Republic, Senegal, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.
Please keep in mind that the list above is not an exhaustive one. You should always check the conditions for your country of origin, and our team can help you during this pre-application process.
Foreign nationals from other countries not listed above, foe example the United States, can remain in the Virgin Islands for up to one month without a visa.
Obtaining a visa is also possible and this is granted for entry and/or work purposes. When a foreign national wishes to relocate to BVI using a visa, he will expect the following:
  • - pay the $150 visa fee;
  • - pay the $25 application fee;
  • - wait 3 to 5 business days for the visa.
The application is made in person and accompanied by supporting documents such as the filled in application form, a valid passport, and any other documents that may be requested by the Civil Registry and Passport Office, operating under the Government of the Virgin Islands. All documents issued in foreign languages are to be accompanied by a certified English translation that is also legalized and notarized.
Moving to the British Virgin Islands is subject to different conditions in case of British and British Overseas Territory Citizens. They do not require a visa to enter the BVI and they receive a one-month entry stamp. They can receive an extension of stay for up to 6 months, subject to approval from the Chief Immigration Officer.

Immigrate to BVI – acquiring permanent residence

Once an individual has lawfully resided in the Virgin Islands for a period of 20 consecutive years, he or she can apply for permanent residence. During this time, the individual cannot be absent from the country for more than 90 days in a calendar year (exceptions apply in cases of illness or for educational purposes).
Acquiring the permanent residence status is done by submitting an application to the Immigration Department, together with supporting documents.
May foreign nationals choose to immigrate to BVI for the splendid beaches. However, the BVI is a good place to live for a number of other reasons:
  1. Safety: the country is safe as crime levels are relatively low, making moving to the British Virgin Islands ideal if you have children;
  2. Business: with a low tax regime, the BVI is an ideal location to start a business, not only relocate for the purpose of enjoying the climate and the scenery;
  3. Quality of life: moving to the British Virgin Islands will mean becoming accustomed to a different way of life, including embracing the Caribbean climate, customs and island life;
  4. Activities: sailing and sea sports lovers rejoice in this beautiful paradise as there are plenty of opportunities for them in the Islands.
If you want to move to BVI our experts can help you handle the needed steps. We can also help you open a BVI offshore company and handle business-related matters.
Contact us if you want to know more about the requirements for acquiring the BVI residence status. We can help you throughout the process needed for moving to the British Virgin Islands.


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