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Nominee Shareholders in BVI

Updated on Wednesday 04th April 2018

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Nominee-Shareholders-in-BVI.jpgNominee shareholders in BVI are individuals who are not related to the beneficial owners or shareholders of the BVI offshore company but are officially named as the holder of the shares.
This, along with using bearer shares and appointing a nominee director, are practices used by offshore investors to increase the level of confidentiality.

The functions of a nominee shareholder in BVI

The purpose of appointing a nominee shareholder is to avoid a direct link between the actual shareholder and the BVI company. The nominee shareholder is, as the name suggests, appointed for this sole purpose. The beneficial owner is the one who remains the real owner of the shares and the one who is entitled to gains. 
A nominee services agreement is commonly signed between the beneficial owner and the individual who will act on his behalf. This is a confidential document that highlights the transfer of title but highlights the fact that the beneficial owner will still remain the only one who will have the right to benefit from the shares.
Our BVI company formation agents can give you more information about how to appoint and use a nominee director and also about the use of bearer shares and whether or not this option may be suited to the specific needs for confidentiality for some investors.

Nominee shareholder services in the British Virgin Islands

Our team of BVI company incorporation agents can offer you complete nominee shareholder and nominee director services, our complete package will also include a registered agent, although this is an optional service.
Investors benefit from a high degree of confidentiality in the British Virgin Islands: there is no mandatory requirement to disclose the identity of the founders in the official company documents. However, because some information is needed, the nominee director and nominee shareholder services are used in order to allow for the highest confidentiality degree possible for offshore investors.
Contact us for detailed information on the appointment of nominee directors in BVI and the general requirements for shareholders and offshore company founders.


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